5 Ways to Build Your Social Skills by Talking Online

5 Ways to Build Your Social Skills by Talking Online
5 Ways to Build Your Social Skills by Talking Online

Some people say that video games and computers damage your social skills. However, they must not know about chatting online because this can actually help your social skills develop! How can you do this?

Practice Makes Perfect

You know, as they say, practicing anything results in improvement. Chatting online gives you the chance to practice your social skills before you use them in real life. If you find yourself a quiet person, you can shed that shyness and become more outgoing. In fact, this may help you build confidence and make your life better.

Get Your Social Needs Met

Introverts love alone time because they enjoy being by themselves. It’s not that they don’t like being around people but they do find it taxing sometimes, so they need alone time to recharge. When you chat online, you can actually get your introvert needs of alone time met while still engaging in social activity so you don’t get too lonely.

Collaborative Games

There are many online games that you play on the computer that require you to work with people and come up with solutions to problems. These are collaborative games in which you might be on a team. You may have to find ways to work with people you don’t like all that much, and you may also make new friends from totally different backgrounds. This is a great way to work on social skills that are totally transferable to a job atmosphere, social circle, and other activities in the real world.

Comfortablity in Anonymity

Sometimes with in-person interactions, we are scared of rejection or of someone making fun of us. When you are anonymous online, you can sometimes feel even more confident than in-person. You may feel comfortable being your true self and it is a good way to try that out. This is a wonderful way to practice being however it is you want to be, building social skills that you can practice in the real world once you are more comfortable.

Discover Your Favorite Ways

You can also use online interactions to figure out how you like to interact with other people. You can experiment with different types of people with whom you are more or less compatible and even work on how you deal with conflict or other things you might have difficulty in the real world. Try out different things and work on your social skills by chatting online. Who knew!
So, if someone tells you that you are just wasting your time and not gaining any social skills by chatting online, you can now prove them wrong!

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